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Tall Tubular Maintenance Free Battery (100Ah - 200 Ah)

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Tall Tubular Conventional Battery (100 Ah - 220 Ah)

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Praxis Tall Tubular conventional Battery

  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Thicker positive spines for long life
  • Fast charge acceptance
  • Cycle life - 1300 Cycles @80% DOD at 27°C
  • Excellent performance for deep cyclic application
  • Level indicator for easy maintenance

Praxis Tall Tubular Maintenance free Battery

  • Maintenance free throughout 400 Cycles @ 27°C
  • Consistent backup throughout life
  • Cycle life of more than 900 cycles i.e. 2x of AGM VRLA
  • Robust PP Container
  • Low self discharge (Approx. 2.5%/ month)


Praxis batteries are manufactured with particular tubular positive high pressure die casted plates that are designed for longer battery life. It includes a flooded battery design involving electrolytes. These advanced batteries are all processed and are ready to use. It has exceptional Eco-friendly Aqua Trap vent plugs which abstain any acid fumes. It is swell-resistant and has no chance of explosion or overcharging. It has sustained and long-lasting life as they have less corrosion. Praxis batteries have splendid features like High Acid Volume per ampere hour, quick charge acceptance, and plate designed with special additives to get quick recovery from deep discharge at reasonable.

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